Has your child started going to a childcare centre in Narre Warren? How is your child behaving in her new environment? Do you think that they are having any separation issues? Going to a child care centre is a tremendous and exciting milestone for your child, mainly because they are embarking on new adventures,  making new friends and engaging in learning experiences. Unfortunately, these exciting milestones can be challenging because most kids have never been far from their parents again. Due to these reasons, kids start experiencing separation anxiety. This is a common reaction among children when separated from their primary caregivers. Separation anxiety can be manifested as crying, distress and clinginess. As a parent, when you realise that your child is suffering from separation anxiety, you have to come up with strategies to help your kid manage separation anxiety efficiently. Here is one of the best quality childcare in Narre Warren to get your kid enrolled.

Tips For Managing Separation Anxiety in Children Starting Childcare in Narre Warren

As a parent, you have to be ready that your child will experience separation anxiety when they start going to the childcare centre you choose. Therefore, you must ensure that you prepare your child so that they are not affected so much by the separation. The following are some of the ways you could use to manage  separation anxiety in children starting child care centres in Narre Warren;

Prepare your kid in advance

Before you take your child to any childcare centre, prepare them for what will happen. Talking to your child about what they should expect when they go to the childcare centre, the activities, routines and environment will help them prepare. Also, visiting the childcare centre with your child in advance will help them feel comfortable about the changes that are about to happen.


A consistent drop-off routine

Another way you can ease the separation anxiety in your child after they start going to a childcare centre is by having consistency and predictability in your drop-off routine. This includes things like saying goodbye with a positive and reassuring tone. When you have a goodbye ritual like a special handshake or hug to signal that the start of the childcare day has started, this can make them feel increased anxiety levels of your kid after you leave. Also, make sure that you ensure your kids that you pick them up later and that they will be safe and happy in the childcare centre when you leave.

Stay confident and calm

Even if you leave your child in a childcare centre for the first time, ensure that you are calm and confident. In case your child notices any slightest signs of discomfort and mistrust, it will increase their levels of anxiety. However, ensure that the goodbye process is not very long since when you take them to the childcare centre, they will not be comfortable after you leave. This increases the level of separation anxiety they are experiencing already.

Give your kid a transitional object

Transitional objects like dolls, blankets, family photos or stuffed animals can help your child manage separation anxiety. The transitional object will offer your kid comfort and security in the new environment. As a result, the levels of their anxiety will reduce with time.

Have good relationships with the childcare centre staff

Building positive and strong relationships with the staff in the childcare centre you select will alleviate your child’s separation anxiety. Therefore, take some time off work and interact with the staff in the childcare centre since this will benefit your child.


 Separation anxiety is a prevalent issue among kids who are going to a childcare centre for the first time. Fortunately, when you use the above tips, you can help your child manage separation anxiety when they go to any childcare centre in Narre Warren.