Child care subsidy is a program implemented by the government to provide financial assistance to working parents in low income jobs. However, it can also be given to parents who are attending school in order to cover the cost of centre based child care. The eligibility criteria for the subsidy would be different in each state.

The benefits

There is a major indication that child care subsidies can help increase the employment rate and the earning for a family with low income. These can also help increase the number of children in Centre based care.

Single mothers can also benefit from child care subsidies. The deposit allows them to seek employment while their children are at the day-care. Mothers who get subsidies appear to work more hours and have better work experience. They are also able to retain the job for longer and earn more than mothers who do not receive any sort of subsidies.

It allows single mother to get back to school or get training for the job especially mothers who have younger children at home may not be that well educated. On the other hand it also has cement that have experienced violence at the hands of the partner and may have not been able to attend work because they worry about the safety of the children.

With the help of child care subsidies parents can get access to approved child Care Centres and pre school program which they may be unable to afford without the help of the subsidy. It also increases the enrolment of special needs children at they care centre. They also receive more generous subsidies.

Also the children who attend the appropriate Day Care Centres are less likely to skip school and have better Math and Reading scores. A subsidy can help a child move from the parental care to the more formal care settings which in turn have a positive effect on their future educational attainment. Child care subsidy can help lower the ethnic gap by increasing employment and earning for families with low income.

In order to find out whether you are eligible to receive child care subsidy it is advise that you visit the centre and have a detailed talk with one of the professionals. However subsidies are available for parents who are unable to earn more than $70000. They can get approximately 80% subsidy for child care. However other things are also taken into account for example the age of the child and the number of hours the parents is working.

Normally the child care subsidy is paid directly to the care provider and then it is later on given to the family as a fees reduction. If you want to know more about child care subsidy and its eligibility then you must visit the department of education they will provide you with the frequently ask questions present on the website. For more details on child care subsidy you can contact the department directly.

Calculate your CCS – child care subsidy using this.