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Top Outdoor Spot competition

The popular school Top Outdoor Spot competition has returned for 2018!

Running throughout terms 1 and 2, the competition encourages New Zealand school children to send in a photo or drawing of their favourite outdoor spot and a short description about what makes it special for the chance to win.

The top three entries in each category - Best Photo, Best Drawing and Best Description - will win a prize pack for themselves and their school.

All photos, drawings and descriptions sent in between 29 January 2018 and the end of the day on 6 July 2018 will be in to win.

All entries will be displayed in the image gallery.

Who can enter?
Any student enrolled in a New Zealand school is eligible to win the Top Outdoor Spot competition.

While this competition and the Both Sides of the Fence website is targeted at years 4-8, teachers may wish to use the site with younger or older students.

How to enter
Use the ' Share Your Story' form on this website to submit a photo or drawing, along with a short description of your favourite outdoor spot.

For privacy reasons, please ensure you have permission of any people featured in your photograph.

Descriptions can be written as poems or short stories or any other way you choose. Descriptions are limited to 600 characters in length.

For teachers: incorporating the competition into classroom lessons

Access to the outdoors has long been a part of the New Zealand way of life, and many students will have enjoyed time with friends and family at beaches, rivers, farms, camping grounds and other outdoor spots during the holiday period.

The annual Top Outdoor Spot competition is a great way to encourage students to think about somewhere that is special to them and to submit a contribution to the gallery featuring a photo or drawing and short descriptive paragraph.

For more information about the Both Sides of the Fence website and information about the New Zealand curriculum learning areas it supports, visit the Teachers' Space.

2018 Competition prizes and sponsors

Prizes for the Top Outdoor Spot competition

First prize for the best drawing, photo and description is an Osprey Daylite Plus daypack (with a lifetime guarantee) filled with a drink bottle, a micro-fibre towel, an emergency blanket, a pair of Skellerup Red Band gumboots, a pair of merino snow socks, and a book, Up the River – Explore and Discover New Zealand’s Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands, published by Potton & Burton.

Second prize is an Osprey Daylite Plus daypack, a pair of Skellerup Red Band gumboots and a copy of Up the River published by Potton & Burton.

And third prize will receive a drink bottle, a micro fibre towel, an emergency blanket, a pair of Skellerup Red Band gumboots, a pair of merino snow socks, and a copy of Up the River published by Potton & Burton.

Meanwhile, the school of each student who wins receives a $300 voucher for a school day trip to a nearby outdoor walk or trail plus advice from a local Walking Access Commission regional field advisor.

They also get a book – Great Walks of New Zealand published by Potton & Burton, and sunscreen from the Cancer Society of New Zealand.

The schools of the students who come second and third will also receive a copy of Great Walks of New Zealand.

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