This section provides information about the content and functionality of the site. We welcome your feedback about how you are using the site, or ideas for improvement or enhancing the site. Please note that the Teachers' Space area of the site provides suggested teaching ideas and activities.

eBook help

The eBook has been developed using a combination of HTML, CSS and javascript to ensure it can be viewed on a range of browser-based devices.  For example, these include computers, smartboard and tablets (including iPads).  

Please note that this site and its contents have not been developed for viewing on smartphones or the iPhone.

To view the book

  • click on the home page link or global navigation link to go to the landing page of the eBook
  • click the Both Sides of the Fence ebook image on the landing page to 'open' the eBook
  • use the arrows on the right and left side of the page to 'turn' the pages

Explore the Scenarios help

Explore the Scenarios Interactive Map

In the Both Sides of the Fence interactive map there are scenarios for students to explore. These marked spots contain embedded videos which, when played, present a Both Sides of the Fence animated scenario. 

  • The videos are presented in the MPEG-4 format.
  • The scenarios encourage students to consider that there are often two points of view about land access – those of people wishing to access land, and those of the landholder or manager.
  • clicking a marked spot launches the video player in a lightbox.
  • the video player has stop, play, forward, back, volume, and full screen controls along the bottom edge of the player.
  • each scenario contains two parts.   
  • the first part presents a topic and ends with an on-screen question to encourage in-classroom discussion.
  • the second part presents the landholder's point of view and ends with on-screen questions that encourage students to reflect on their first thoughts, now they have more information.
  • when the first part has played, it will present the on-screen question. Click the green arrow to hear the story from the other side of the fence. 
  • clicking on the 'X' on the bottom right-hand side of the lightbox will close the video player screen and return you to the map.

Using Explore the Scenarios on touch screens

When using a touch screen such as a tablet or SMARTboard, there is no on-screen cursor. Tap a marked spot with your finger to launch the scenario.

Top Outdoor Spots help

Top Outdoor Spots comprises:

  • a landing page which introduces the section
  • a gallery of students' work
  • individual pages for each piece of student work
  • an upload form.

The upload form provides a series of fields that need to be completed. Any work uploaded to the site will first be assessed by the Both Sides of the Fence administrator for publishing. For privacy purposes, not all the information required by the form is published online with the contribution.

Technical information

This site has been developed using HTML, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.  The video format used in the Explore the Scenarios is MPEG 4. This means the video should play on modern computers and tablets, including the iPad.

If you need help to use any features of the site, please contact us for assistance.

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